I’ll make it sparkle.

Smart graphic design that makes you stand out

Your design partnership begins here.

You’re an independent business person. An entrepreneur. An artist. You’re out there transforming our world or working on getting a new idea or product onto the market. Your energy needs to stay focused on the task at hand – making your mark while building a successful business.

To do so, you need an identity that’s unmistakably YOU. An effective website with potent visuals. A standout logo and powerful marketing collateral that represent your unique brand.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll be your own, personal “in-house” design team. Your trusted resource. Your creative support.

It’s a big cyberworld out there.

I’ll get you Seen. Heard. Noticed.

At Nimble Design, it’s ALL ABOUT YOU. We believe in open communication. Reliability. Met deadlines. We return your calls – promptly. No more second-guessing about whether you’ve made the right decision. How’s that for a breath of fresh air?

Here’s a short list of how we’ll get you to stand out:

• Re-design or refresh of your WordPress website
• Branding that gets you noticed, including standout logos
• Marketing collateral
• Email newsletters that widen your net of target clients
• Social Media design
• Fundraising mailers
• Event materials
• Compelling print and digital ads

Four Easy Steps Get You There


Collaboration is essential. We work together, either in person or via Skype, to pinpoint and define your business aspirations and goals.


We set up a production schedule that everyone agrees upon. We promise to meet all deadlines and stay on budget. No surprises at the back end.


Nimble Design gets to work creating the best “face” for your business. Because design is an art rather than a science, we offer options to ensure your success.


A thorough follow-up ensures that all aspects of your project were completed as agreed upon. The project is complete only after you tell us that you’re happy with the results.

Su Schaer

I’m Su Schaer, Creative Director and owner of Nimble Design Team. As an independent business owner myself, I know both the challenges and the victories of being in business for oneself. I also know how important it is to find top-notch professionals to fill in the blanks of missing expertise, and who’ll support your vision from the get-go. Who has time to waste?

I’ve been a design professional for a long time, so I know how make you shine – sometimes way beyond your own expectations. I look forward to partnering with you and sharing my guidance, direction, attention, and common sense to help you create a compelling online presence and to realize your business vision.

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