College of Charleston Jewish Mapping Site

The Client: The Pearlstine/Lipov Center for Southern Jewish Culture at the College of Charleston commissioned Mapping Jewish Charleston: 2020 to document online the evolution of Charleston’s Jewish landmarks and community over the past three centuries.

The Challenge: The new site needed to include information and maps from four time periods: 1788, 1833, 1910 and 2020.  Users can naavigae landmarks on each map to learn about Jewish Charleston’s families and businesses. Each map serves as a valuable tool for scholars, researchers, and visitors to the port city.

The Solution: The new WordPress site includes a stylized map identifying key locations. Each location has a text description, archival images, and present-day photos. Future updates to this new website will incorporate the historic maps from the old static website, onto this new site to provide access to more than 300 years of Jewish life in Charleston, South Carolina.