Winship Cancer Institute Gala Invitation

The Client:
The Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University holds a semi-annual gala fundraiser to promote cancer research and advancements at the Institute.

The Challenge:
The WInship Gala committee wanted to create an identity/logo to help brand the event, with the goal of changing out a key word like “Hope” each time for subsequent years. 

The Solution: 
We collaborated with the gala committee to create an elegant, simple branding element to be repeated every two years, changing out the color, the background flower, and the word in the lower bar of the square shape (hnder the word “Gala”).  The invitation materials were printed in two colors with some of the larger pieces including copper foil stamping, and were mailed in a standard size envelope with a few inserts and reply card/reply envelope. This worthwhile and important event sells out every time, for the benefit of future cancer patients.