Don’t Skimp on this Essential Website Element

It Isn’t Very Sexy, But Website Maintenance Is Crucial To Your Website’s Health. You might not realize how important ongoing maintenance is to your website. Like a car oil change and your annual physical exam, website maintenance ensures that your organization’s most important marketing tool is up and running every single day.

What is website maintenance?
At Nimble Design Team, standard monthly website maintenance includes these core elements:

1. A complete backup of your website
2. Updating your WordPress version, plugins, and theme
3. Scanning your site for any problems
4. Testing your forms to confirm proper functionality
5. Checking for hosting-related issues

PLUS, our maintenance clients receive up to 30 minutes each month to address minor edits or content additions. In the event that we identify an issue that can be resolved in under an hour, we will handle the problem before you are even aware it existed.

Why is website maintenance important?
• Website performance, including load time and uptime, depends on WordPress software and plugins functioning properly, at their most recent and updated versions.
• Website growth, including fresh content and design, depends on having someone who will make sure all website updates are implemented properly.
• Regular maintenance provides good insurance against hacking.

I haven’t changed a thing except for text since my site launched. Why do I need to pay for website maintenance?

Why can’t I just call you when something breaks?
Simply put, it’s more affordable to maintain your site each month than it is to fix it or recover your data if the unthinkable happens. Customers are looking at your site every day. You don’t want to miss an opportunity because of an unknown website issue.

Can I maintain my website myself?
You wouldn’t try to fill your own molar cavity or repair your home’s roof unless you were a dentist or a roofer, right? An experienced website professional knows how to update and maintain your site properly. They will also know how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise while conducting maintenance.

So are you ready to protect your company’s most important marketing tool? Give yourself peace of mind when you sign up for our monthly Website Care plan.

Contact us today to get started. We can also discuss any content, functionality, or design updates to keep your site looking gre

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