Guide Your Website Visitors to Action

Make it easy for website visitors to understand what to do next.


The messaging on your website’s homepage, and really every page, should be about how you can solve your clients’ problem. Whether you offer a product, service, seminar series or membership, the text should lead your reader to an action – for example:

• Purchase
• Sign up
• Become a Member
• Share/Follow on Facebook
• Subscribe
• Schedule a call

CTAs (Calls to action) may appear as linked text, buttons, or short information-collecting forms.

Every page on your website should provide a clear path for your readers to take the action you are suggesting. Effective sites use thoughtful design, wording and placement of calls to action to guide site visitors. You don’t want to be too subtle or hide the CTA so it’s hard to find. On the other hand, be careful not to shout at your reader with bold, italicized, all-caps text on a busy patterned background!

Here are some pointers to make your CTAs more effective and appealing:

– Make your desired action clear, and direct your messages and visuals to the action.

– Make it easy to locate the CTA, but don’t YELL. Legible text on a contrasting color background or shape will draw attention and indicate urgency.

– Change out the default “Contact Us” command to friendlier, more customized text, like “Count Me In” or “Let’s Talk!”

– Position CTAs prominently near relevant text or images. Don’t hide them at the bottom of pages.

– Design CTA buttons to follow your branding/logo color and typeface.

Above all, make it easy for your visitors to understand the benefit of taking the action you are requesting. Start saving money. Let’s get healthy. Join now to enjoy the full benefits of membership.

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