Handy Apps for Travel and Beyond, Developed in Israel

Apps developed in Israel ease the stress of travel.

My family recently took a glorious two-week trip to Israel, staying mostly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

During our travels, we made use of several mobile apps that took a big bite out of the stress of the unknown. These apps also made it easy to stay connected to both work and family.

Here are a few we especially liked – please try them out yourself!

1. Waze, for navigation.
The brainchild of Israeli developers, Waze is the dominant app used by taxi drivers and visitors alike. We used it every day in our rental vehicle. Not only did Waze get us to our destination in the quickest way possible, it was also a great resource that led us to stores, restaurants and parking lots.

2. WhatsApp, for texting and making international phone calls at no charge.
This one became the go-to communication tool for our far-flung family members. We use WhatsApp in Atlanta to talk to family in Israel, and our friends when they travel. This free app lets you create groups for business and personal use; and, you can also call or video chat internationally at no charge. It’s a game-changer.

3. CelloPark (in Israel) and Parkmobile (here in the U.S.) for parking.
Forget about struggling to find a parking spot for your car, then fumbling with change or your credit card once you do. CelloPark makes it easy to find a parking spot in Israel, and Parkmobile is great in the U.S. Using apps for parking brings ease to your travels and payment is direct from your credit card. Easy-breezy!

4. Gett Taxi (in Israel).
We used this app a lot; it’s like the Uber or Lyft of Israel. We enjoyed excellent, reliable taxi service, with consistently pleasant drivers. And the best part: no haggling over the price of the trip.

5. Vitrea smart home.
Installed in many upscale homes and hotels throughout Israel (and worldwide, including in the U.S.) the Vitrea smart-home app allows you to control your A/C, water temperature, and other home technology settings through a simple, touch-pad interface.

Whether for travel or for business, using apps on your smartphone (combined with WiFi while your phone is on airplane mode) saves you a lot of time and expense, and brings peace of mind as well – a real commodity when traveling in foreign lands.

Happy travels!

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