How to Get Your Website in Good with Google

Some quick tips to help make Google your business buddy.

It can be overwhelming to figure out how to harness the power of Google. Here are a few easy moves to help your business get noticed more online.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what impacts your business ranking online when people do a Search for a service or product. Just having a WordPress site will increase your ranking in a searched listing of businesses, but there are some simple moves you can make that will help a lot.

1. Google looks for secure sites, with SSL installed and the little green lock icon in the top left of the browser bar. If you don’t already have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) installed via your hosting company, and the “insecure site” message is appearing next to your website’s URL, take heed and move to better hosting like SiteGround, or ask your hosting provider to add SSL. Many will provide a free version or an SSL certificate at low cost that you’ll need to renew annually.

2. Google is now rating websites via “Mobile First.” If your website is not mobile-responsive, meaning it’s set up for viewing on all devices including smartphones, you’ll be downgraded. Newer WordPress themes are already set up for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone viewing.

3. Google is speed-checking your website. Make sure your images are streamlined and small, to keep  the download time for your viewers at a minimum. You can also speed-check your site via online sources like this one.

4. Google likes fresh content. It’s smart to add new content to your website on a regular basis. That means blogging, adding links, and uploading new photos to your site.

5. Make sure your business is registered at Google my Business. Get your business connected to Google Search Console, which provides tools and reports to help measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results.

6. Google looks for image names and keywords on your website pages.Name your images with actual titles and avoid placing full-page images (PDFs or jpgs) since the words on those will be part of an image file, and not “read” by Google. Also, make sure your page names (permalinks) are actual names and not weird combinations of letters and numbers.

7. Google Reviews help your business. Well-written, honest (positive) reviews from your happy customers can do a lot to promote your business and may seem more believable than the testimonials posted on your website. Start asking your happy clients to chime in for you, online.

Contact me about reviewing your current website, upping your game to a fresh new Google-friendly WordPress website… and let’s discuss ways to make your current site work harder for you. Take advantage of my free 15-minute consultation to talk about your web or graphic design needs.

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