Looking for an easy solution to get your new website started?

One thing became very clear during the 2020 pandemic lockdown: Your small business must have an effective, up-to-date, mobile-friendly website. Potential clients must be able to find your business online, understand the value of your offering, and take action.

At the same time, you may be feeling nervous and uncertain about the future of your business. Perhaps you are hesitant to make a large investment in a new or redesigned website.

Good news! You can now launch your first site or get an instant website facelift without an overwhelming investment of time or money!

In addition to my more comprehensive graphic design and website development services, I now offer the Instant Upgrade One-Page Website.

Your new website includes:

• Modern, search engine-friendly, mobile responsive, one-page scrolling template

• 3-5 content sections (About, Services, Contact, etc.) outlining the most important information about your business

• Professional contact form so it’s easy for people to reach you

• 2 hours of advice and guidance on design, content, image ideas, and template selection

Together, we’ll follow these five steps to launch your modern, professional, branded starter website:

1. I’ll provide guidance for you to purchase your domain name (URL) and hosting via our preferred hosting service.

2. You’ll select from one of three professional one-page website templates (view the three demos below).

3. You’ll write content and provide images to align with the template structure. If you need help, we’ll connect you with a professional web content writer.

4. I’ll input and format your content and images in the template.

5. After you review and approve, I’ll launch your site so you can start reaching customers!

Your investment for this new one-page full-service website is $1,000.

Contact me today to discuss your business needs and let’s get started!