Is your business branding like a holiday sweater?

Do you find yourself apologizing for your business card, logo, or website? If your current branding feels like putting on that cringe-worthy holiday sweater you drag out of the closet once a year, please read on.

Here are a few quick and easy steps you can take to make you feel proud of your business branding:

1. If your logo is made up of free clip art and generic typefaces, it’s time to invest in a fresh new look that makes an impact. Investing in your business identity by purchasing or creating an original art file speaks volumes. Ideally, typefaces, colors and images combine to create a strong and memorable visual identity that makes your business stand out in print, web, and social media.

2. If your business cards were printed on your desktop printer or purchased from the cheapest online printer on flimsy paper, it’s time to go with a premium stock. Quality speaks silently, like a well-made suit versus a torn t-shirt. Go for print quality and a premium, hefty paper stock that tells people that you respect your brand and that you have a high-quality service or product to offer.

3. If your website is a do-it-yourself site you made for free, you could be missing out on a lot. Take your business website from “renter” to “owner” by paying for your own hosting and URL. Then, set up an SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive website on the powerful WordPress platform.

4. Just for fun, print out this handy-dandy worksheet we created, and then get in touch with us to discuss the next, right step for your business. We promise, doing so will give you a huge boost of confidence. Print out and look over our Visual Branding Audit worksheet.

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