Is your website a scary place?

When you go “behind the curtain” on your website, is it too scary for you to edit?


The Atlanta Westies organization, a club for lovers of West Highland Terriers, had an outdated, hard-to-navigate website that was a mystery to try to edit or update. The board members were at the mercy of their external webmaster any time they wanted to make a change.

I’m a Westie lover, and “pet Mom” to a senior rescue dog named Pepper. I joined the Atlanta Westies organization, and once I saw their website and the membership signup section, I knew I had to offer a complete websiteAtlanta Westies website redesign in WordPress.

These recent comments from the board members are so gratifying to hear:

“We are a small nonprofit breed club with a website that was not working for us. We struggled for some time to make changes without professional help. We found that the site was outdated and not very functional.”

“We needed to update the site with a more current version that would be easier to manage. We needed to use the website as an additional way to communicate current info.”

“We needed to have an interesting website to attract new members.”

AND the best part:

“Su came to our rescue and provided an updated website that will be easy to change and attract new members. We can’t wait for our membership to see the new site!  It will be a great opportunity to engage with our current and prospective members who love Westies.”

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