I was a presenter at WordCamp Atlanta in April 2018 and talked about one of my fave topics—LOGOS!

Take a look at the PDF I’m posting here, with the slides I showed at WordCamp. This annual conference is the fourth largest gathering of WordPress enthusiasts worldwide, and the content is always amazing. All the speakers are volunteers and the amount of knowledge and information is truly impressive.

Here (below) are a few of the highlights of my logo presentation.

A strong logo should do the following:

1. Embody your brand. Your logo “speaks” for you and should convey the feeling of your brand. Consistency is key, throughout all your brand assets, including online and in print.

2. Be instantly recognizable. Avoid generic typefaces and generic, well-worn art that isn’t distinctive or descriptive of your business or organization.

3. Be versatile. Your logo should be flexible and able to fit all sorts of formats, including square shapes. If you have a logo icon or symbol, that can be used as a distinctive identifier for social media.

4. Be timeless (or at least not look dated in two years or less!) Remember that trendy colors and typefaces, like fashions, will look dated in just a few years. Aim for a logo design that will look fresh over the next several years.

If it’s time for a logo refresh, or you’re starting a new business and need a completely new design, please sign up for my free 15-minute logo review or consultation.

And please share this post with people you know who need logo assistance. Because friends don’t let friends do business with outdated logos.

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