Online tools make your life easier!

These days there really is a tool for just about everything. Want to order groceries? Deposit checks to your bank? As they say, there’s an app for that!


In addition to the tools that make our personal lives easier, there are also countless tools to facilitate everyday business tasks and free up time to enjoy the upcoming spring weather.
Here is a list of some of my favorite tools to streamline and professionalize your business.
Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning the vendor sends me a few shekels each time someone uses the link to make a purchase.

An online scheduling tool will save you tons of time and add a professional touch to your business.
Book Like a Boss is an online scheduling resource that allows you to customize your business page when people want to schedule a call or meeting with you. The paid version offers loads of flexibility.
Calendly is another popular online scheduling app, also with both free and paid versions.

I recommend Google Workspace to clients as a better option than accessing email through a website hosting service. The low monthly cost more than pays for itself in reliability and stability.

Security and Anti-Spam:
Clean Talk is an inexpensive, effective way to block spam on WordPress websites. The tool even sends you reports that show how many spam attacks it blocked on your site.
WordFence is another popular WordPress security plugin. There are more to choose from; the main thing is to install at least one spam blocker to protect your site.

Gravity Forms is a paid, premium form plugin for WordPress – and you don’t need to be a technical wizard to set it up! I use it on almost all my client sites for contact forms, data collection, event signups, payments, and donations. It includes free add-ons and payment connections to Stripe and Paypal..

Hosting and Security:
Adding SSL is non-negotiable these days, as Google Search will label and ignore sites that lack an SSL certificate. Once you install SSL, your visitors will see the solid lock icon in the title bar of your website, indicating that your site is a safe place to visit. SSL is included with your website hosting account at SiteGround, the hosting provider I recommend.

Strengthen your business with easy-to-use, powerful tools. Want some help getting started? Let’s talk!

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