Website Health Checkup

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You go to your doctor (hopefully!) every year for an annual physical, so why not do the same for your business website?

Your website is an investment in your success and it makes sense to do periodic diagnostic checks to see where improvements are needed.

Nimble Design Team is now offering an in-depth, customized report to assess your website’s effectiveness – and find potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your site’s performance. After you grant us access to your website’s dashboard, we will perform a thorough and professional investigation into crucial features of your site. 

Our in-depth examination will include the following:

1. Back-end recommendations to your WordPress dashboard. Checking on outdated or unused plugins, user names, incorrectly formatted image files – these can affect your website adversely.

2. Formatting and image revisions. Fuzzy logos, huge image files, text that’s too wide for readability, colors that clash…..these are among the elements we often find “under the hood” of websites! We’ll point out areas of weakness and provide suggestions for effective solutions.

3. Site speed testing. We have the right tools to determine whether your site is sluggish or performing at recommended speed. We’ll pinpoint any trouble spots with suggested solutions.

4. SEO recommendations. We’ll check your site’’s SEO structure including any incorrect use of H-Titles, Image Alt tags, Schema Markup, duplicate content, 404 errors and redirects and your Google Business Profile to make sure all is working to your benefit.

5. Hosting, page builder, and plugin recommendations. Make sure all versions of host-provided software are up to date, including pro version licenses, check on SSL and more..

6. Site security recommendations. Most people don’t even know the array of security products their current site host provides! We’ll recommend relevant products offered and options for premium plugins that will protect your site.

7. Specific areas of concern.Ask the doctor.” Talk to us about what’s not working for you! If there are site items not listed here, we can  likely offer some solutions. And if there are bigger marketing, content, graphic and engagement concerns, our team is ready to tackle them at a small additional cost.

For a one-time investment of $499 you’ll receive a customized report on your website’s health, along with suggestions and an action plan for solutions and repairs. We’ll also include one hour of additional priority edits, at your request.

Whether or not you decide to hire us for needed website fixes and assistance, our comprehensive report and checklist will provide the specific information you need to rejuvenate your website and bring it back to health.

A healthy website is a happy website!

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