Show some love to your website – not just on Valentine’s Day.

Chocolates, heart-shaped bagels, and jewelry are nice, but….let’s face it, it’s the everyday stuff that you have to deal with when you run a business that really makes a difference in your quality of life all year long.

Here’s a short-but-sweet list of the things I use that help me to be more productive (and happier!)

1. Proposify for online proposals. Gives your proposals a polished look and provides content that you can easily edit for your specific needs.

2. SiteGround website hosting. If you have a WordPress website, these guys are great. (Disclaimer: I have an affiliate account with them, because I LOVE their customer service!)

3. Harvest for online estimates and invoicing. Easy, good-looking, and makes it easy for clients to approve and pay for your work. There’s a free version you can try out for starters.

4. Dreamstime for royalty-free photos and illustrations. Reasonably-priced and plenty of non-cheesy images to choose from. They offer various pay-as-you-go or ongoing subscription plans.

5. Mailchimp for email newsletters – like the newsletter we send out to subscribers! Mailchimp offers a free version if you have 2500 or fewer subscribers. They have loads of tutorials and are a great, community-minded company to boot.

I’d love to hear about your top picks!
Here’s hoping you have a Love-ly Valentine’s Day.

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