Show Some Love to Your Homepage this Valentine’s Day!

Has your homepage lost that lovin’ feeling?

Here are a few recommendations to get your homepage groove back on.

1. Write clear and compelling messaging that speaks to your audience and their needs. Do visitors to your homepage understand in five seconds or less exactly how you will solve their problem? Your message must grab attention right away or visitors to your site will move on.

2. Use an appropriate and unique hero image. If you don’t have the budget for professional photography, use a high-quality royalty-free image that hasn’t been used widely. Make sure the image speaks to your service/product/audience needs – and doesn’t look cheesy.

3. Include a call to action. What do you want visitors to do when they land on your site? Do you want them to set up a phone consultation? Sign up for your newsletter? Attend your next event? Make the options clear and use buttons to facilitate action.

4. Establish a consistent visual brand. Create a high-quality logo and define your brand’s personality with a coordinating color palette and typeface.

5. Feature your core services/products. Make your services and products easy to understand and find with icons or thumbnail images, headings, descriptive copy, and intuitive links.

6. Include social proof. Show client testimonials, professional certifications, awards, press mentions, and reviews/ratings to add trust and credibility to your professional reputation.

Need a fresh eye and some extra help to boost your homepage? Let’s talk! Contact Su.

Wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with candy hearts, chocolate kisses, and homepage conversions!

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