Time to Bid Farewell to Your Homepage Slider

It’s time to break up with your slider.

That slideshow on your website’s homepage needs to go.

Slideshows were all the rage up until a few years ago. Until our fascination with moving things on the web evolved. You know that slider showing every piece of artwork in your portfolio? Or every single event photo in your company’s stash of memories? Well, the time has come to say Goodbye. There are now more effective ways to show movement (video!) or grab your audience’s attention.

I’ll explain why:

1. Multiple images on a large homepage slider will slow down your site. Loading sliders and carousels takes much longer than loading a single image. A delay of even a few seconds can cause a loss in conversions for an eCommerce website. If you have an online business, that’s the last thing you want to happen.

2. Your audience cares more about your main message and what you have to offer than the moving images you think they want to see. If you focus on just one compelling image, along with your key message, your visitors will get a more thorough idea of your offering than a slider could ever provide. It turns out that most sliders are ignored anyway (people aren’t interested in looking through all that stuff). This means that your message also gets ignored. Sliders might please the owner of the site, but they deliver little-to-no value to customers.

3. Sliders don’t work well on mobile devices. Most users roam and make purchasing decisions from their mobile devices. Sliders don’t always work on mobile devices and if they’re not responsive, will negatively impact both user experience (causing your visitors to bounce off) and your site’s SEO.

All those gorgeous images you added to your site don’t look so hot when shrunk to a much smaller size, resulting in a message and an image that become almost unreadable.

4. SEO can get messed up by sliders. Sliders tend to push the page’s content further down the page, giving the slides dominance. Google will reduce your search ranking on a page where that happens.

As you can see, there’s no longer any benefit to using a slider on your homepage. Plus, it makes your site look out-of-date. Remember…

Breaking up is hard to do – but the results will be worth it!

Contact me if you’d like a free (15-minute) website review (we can talk about options for replacing your current slider!) or to talk about your graphic design and web design needs.

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