Website Project Welcome Document

Welcome to the first steps in starting your new website project.

The Purpose of this Document

This document is a tool to help collect the information necessary in order to assemble the content for your new web site. The document will ask a series of questions designed to help you plan for your new website and its content.


Please answer each question with as much detail as possible. It is easier to condense too much information than to create information where it does not exist. When complete, please click on the Send button at the bottom. You can also generate a PDF of this page for your own records, or to print out.

Please do not email pieces of information individually. Enter them into this document or another and sent it when it is complete.

Please email requested pictures individually with a description of the picture in the email subject line, or inside a Dropbox folder I can create and share with you from my account there.

Domain Name and Hosting

You have discussed a domain name you will use for your new website. Please purchase it. We recommend NameCheap to purchase domain names but NOT for website hosting. Please let us know the final decision for the domain name the new site will use.
You can add us as an admin to the account.
Please purchase a new hosting account at SiteGround using our unique link. You should purchase the GrowBig program for WordPress websites.

Google Workspace or Other Email System

Nimble Design Team does not directly provide email support services to our clients, although we can set up such services if your website hosting supports it. We highly recommend that you set up your business email with Google Workspace.

If so, what service is providing this email (Godaddy, Google, your current web host, etc.)? 
List the email address you would like:

Business Name and Logo

We will provide a cost estimate for logo design if you don't yet have a logo, or need a redesign to your current logo.
Please provide a high-resolution high quality logo for use in the site design. This should be the logo you wish to brand on the website. If any changes are pending to the logo or your organizational color palette, it is important for these branding issues to be resolved prior to the Design Phase of the website project.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 256 MB.

    Other software accounts

    Create a account for video conferencing Create a Calendly ( or other online account for booking online appointments. Look for one that takes payments upfront. Create a account for payments.

    Social media accounts

    Create business accounts on the appropriate social media platforms where your potential clients tend to gravitate; for example, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

    Content map

    We wil work together to create a site plan and draft a content map to depict the main website menu pages and subpages. Additional pages may include a payment form page, terms and conditions page, missions page, privacy disclaimer page, etc. Please note that we will begin page design once final content is sent to us. We will work first on the homepage, to be followed by a sample inside page, for your review and approval by you before proceeding further on site development.


    We will work with you to select photography for use throughout the site. We frequently purchase royalty-free images at and You may browse images on or create a free account and save images to a Board to show the look and feel you are going for. Please keep in mind that large images for the home page main image area will require horizontal format (landscape) image files. Share your list of images or Board with us. If you need location photography, or headshot (portrait) photography, we can provide references to local independent photographers so you can contact them directly.

    Home Page

    We can help with messaging, copywriting and image selection.
    We will work with you to select the main homepage image. If you have image files for us, please share them here. Please add descriptions here, and upload image files just below.
    Max. file size: 256 MB.
    This text should speak clearly and directly to your intended audience, and address their needs and concerns. It should explain how you can help them.
    Text and images/icons to clearly show what you do and why it's a benefit to your website visitor.
    It's important to establish credibility and show that you have happy customers. Make sure you include links to your Google Reviews and any affiliations, accreditations that assure potential clients that you provide the expertise they seek.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 256 MB.
      It is important that visitors are asked to do something or click something, to engage them with the site content 
early in the home page.
Identity text is a simple, plainly worded one or two sentence statement of who you are and what you offer as a solution to what the viewer is seeking. We can help you with this statement. Please provide some identity text for the home page.
      Are there other items you’d like to see on the home page?

      About Page

      This page will be about how you provide value to your clients, and will also include some relevant history about you. Include a recent, high-quality headshot. Upload that here, if you like.
      Max. file size: 256 MB.

      Services Page

      This page will explain your services with a call to action to book an appointment. 
Here you will also explain the value of your services, and/or provide a link to another page(s) with more details.
      Max. file size: 256 MB.

      Scheduling / Booking Page

      Provide text for this page; list your terms, cancellation policy, payment policy, no-show policy

      Contact Page

      List the contact (mailing address for the business), email address, and phone number We will create a contact form containing the following information: Name, email, phone, box for a question to ask. 
We can also create a Google map for your brick & mortar location, if applicable.