Who is Your About Page Really About?

Why your “About” page shouldn’t be all about you.

Your About page is likely the most visited, after the Home page.

A lot of “About” pages are lengthy odes to Me, Myself, and I. Big mistake. Your reader is looking at this important page not to learn all about you, but to learn how you can help resolve their challenges.

Sure, as a designer, it’s very tempting for me to tell people about how I started drawing and creating artwork from my early childhood days. But, really, who cares? People looking at your About page care more about what you can do for them. They don’t really need (or want) the lengthy storytelling of your brilliant past.

If you do choose to share personal history, your friendly tone should help the reader identify with you and validate you as a credible business resource.

Here are a few important items to make your About page more efficient:

Include an up-to-date, professional photo of yourself. Be authentic and real….an outdated photo is bad form, both on dating websites and your business About page (!) People want to be able to identify you at an upcoming meeting, conference or networking event.

Zero in on the benefits of working with you and how you can help solve your reader’s challenges. Adding some background about your education and professional achievements can help add credibility to your appeal. A lengthy, formal block of text will lose your reader’s attention.

Keep it short and simple, and in the first person. Keep your text simple and conversational. Add bullet points or bold lead-in sentences to help make it easy to read. Put any personal information (like hobbies, volunteer experience, family info) at the end.

Make sure your name, social media links, professional accreditations and other contact info are easy to find. This sounds obvious, but your name and how to contact you needs to be front and center.

Add a few brief testimonials or endorsements. It can be helpful to mention some recent clients here and show a few glowing testimonials for emphasis.

Add a “call to action” at the bottom of the page. Whether it’s a “Contact Us” button, links to email, social media, or a signup for your email newsletter, give your reader a way to take action to take on this page.

Contact me if you feel like your About page needs a fresh set of eyes and some concrete suggestions! I also offer a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your graphic design or web design needs.

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